Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pneumatic Tube System Delivers Really Fast!

Today, I realized the significance of using the pneumatic tube system. I was able to send blood sample to the hospital's laboratory in a touch of a button. Inter-hospital delivery system has been made simple, fast and easy nowadays. Sending medications, supplies and other materials to different locations in the hospital with designated destination number is made possible through the use of pneumatic tube system. The AC 3000 technology is a specialized method of delivery that involves a special carrier that can be shoot through a tube system using an air-tight vacuum. The system is able to send and received materials across the hospital departments. A built-in directory is listed in the panel. Simple and easy steps are need to follow for sending out. First thing to do is to place the item in the special carrier. The carrier is then inserted in lunch pad and a number key specific to the destination can be dialed. Automatically, the pneumatic tube system delivers the canister in a matter of seconds. Proper maintenance is needed to maintain the system in good working condition. A quarterly system check is recommended and followed in the workplace. The use of this system enhances the quality of patient outcome because laboratory samples, medications, and other supplies can be delivered in a safe and

timely manner.

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